• Packaged drinking water

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Packaged Drinking water


Most of the borne diseases emanate from unclean water . Packaged drinking water ensures safe, clean, potable water for human consumption. Though a large number of manufacturers have recently taken up production of packaged drinking water, yet there exists a wide gap between demand and supply.

Progress Group has committed itself in processing and supplying of Packaged Drinking Water. It will be well known for purity and freshness and has properties that ill bacteria & fungi. Highly natural, our minerals or other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value. With a production capacity of 36Kl/day, the group plans to launch its own brand of Packaged Drinking water, under the brand name of PROGRESS PURE WATER. The plant is expected to achieve an annual turnover of approx. Rs.10 crores plus. The group plans to export its packaged drinking water to all of India and also has plans to go off-shore in Bangladesh , Nepal & Bhutan.




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