• Iron and Steels

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Iron & Steel

The Indian iron and steel industry is nearly a century old and the steel industry is expanding worldwide. For a number of years it has been benefiting from the exceptionally buoyant Asian economies. The economic modernization processes in these countries are driving the sharp rise in demand for steel. Soaring demand by sectors like infrastructure, real estate and automobiles, at home and abroad, has put India's steel industry on the world map. The biggest opportunity before Indian steel sector is that there is enormous scope for increasing consumption of steel in almost all India.

Progress Group has plans of investing heavily in steel and iron-ore mining in the states of Orissa, Gujrat & west Bengal. These states are endowed with large reserves of iron ore and provide convenient access to the sea through ports. Progress Group will setup integrated steel plant and will also develop infrastructure and iron ore mines. New steel products developed to improve performance simplify manufacturing / installation and reliability is needed to enhance steel consumption in these sectors. Progress group's main objective will be improvement of quality for value addition in use, requirement of less material by reducing the weight and thickness and finally reduction in overall cost for the end user.



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