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RTS Beverages

Fruit juice is a common product in the subcontinent. These are mostly prepared by motor driven machines. Regardless of taste and cultural tradition, unfortunately this drink is major cause of spreading Hepatitis in the community due to unhygienic services by local vendors.

Progress Group in association with Central Food Technological Research Institute(CFTRI) has developed a hygienic solution to this, where fruit juice will be bottled in PET bottle which is highly safe, advanced, hygienic and Eco-friendly in nature. The foundation stone of the plant was laid in the year 2009 in West Bengal, and the plant will be operational by June,2012. The state of the art plant, proudly presents a range of manufacturing equipment ,to bring efficiency and productivity to the entire process, maintaining the highest international standards.

Investment in technology have more than justified themselves over time, with equipment that are workhorses contributing to continuous growth. The Plant with a production capacity of 40Kl/day, was setup at a cost a cost of Rs. 41 Crores. The Plant which is a technological marvel, is expected to achieve a yearly turnover of approx Rs.100 Crores plus. The products that will roll out of the plant initially are Sugar Cane Juice,Mango Juice,Papaya juice & Pineapple Juice. The hit-tech plant is fully equipped to produce any kind of fruit juice.

Progress Group, for the first time in world is bringing delicious sugarcane juice in Hygenically packed Pet bottle. The technology has been developed with CFTRI for preserving the sugarcane juice in bottle, thus allowing safe and Hygienic. The Patent rights of the sugarcane juice in Pet Bottle retains with Progress Group.


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