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In the past 3years since Progress Group began its journey, we have tread the path of gradual development. What has sustained us is inherent in our name itself Progress- Touch Your Dreams, Change your tomorrow. We have tried to establish a firm footing in the field we have chosen, and have concentrated our energies and our resources into progress that has been both vertical and horizontal.

We might have done more, and we could have done it quicker, but we were determined to invest in time, and in strengthening our capacities and capabilities before we took the next step forward. Our strategy has been richly rewarded in the position we have achieved in the industry.

We have always believed in selecting the best possible technology available nationally & internationally. World class companies like IDMC Ltd.(NDDBI),Thermax Ltd.,Hilden etc are our equipment supplier and technology partners.

We at Progress Group are a branch of highly talented people. We are proud of the talent available with us. We are trying to realize the aspiration of the people working with us and simultaneously we are focused to groom and retain the talent available with them. With Phd Research Scientists, the Team includes M tech and Post Graduate Engineers, Supported by Graduate Engineers and a whole host of trained staff members. With more than 60 managerial & financial staff members, Progress Group is more than equipped to face up to the challenges that they envision in the immediate future.

But eventually, the proof of Progress Group's wide & deep efforts to improve technical &manpower resources, rests in products, & a growing list of satisfied customers in India and aboard. From its South Asian Markets in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal, to South East Destinations like Malayasia, Singapore, Japan & Korea, Progress Group is spreading its wings. Other Asian buyers are located in UAE, Kuawait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey and Algeria. And right across in the European mainland is United Kingdom.

The Compounded annual growth rate of 35% plus in the last 3 years gives us the responsibility to maintain the momentum through new products and new markets. After all, we must live up to our reputation, and to the essence of our very name, Progress - Touch your dreams, Change your tomorrow.

Progress Group looks ahead with passion and energy towards the future, the future not only of technology and enterprise, but also for the opportunity to be to contribute manmade materials that will help to save nature�s depleting treasures gifted to our future generations. Thank you

(Progress Group)

Who we are?

Progress Group was incorporated in 2009, and went on to establish itself by patiently building upon experience and expertise. The juice plant factory at Hooghly was our first step in establishing the manufacturer credential and credibility of progress Group. The great leap forward came in the same year, with the commissioning of FMCG Plant (Food Products) at, Kolkata. A major technological breakthrough came just an year later in 2010, with the establishment of packaged drinking Water plant at, Hooghly. All these plants proudly present a range of manufacturing equipment, to bring efficiency and productivity to entire process, maintaining the highest international standards. The group started with a modest capital of 1.5 crores and the turnover at the end of three year stand at a staggering 125cr. Crores, which gives a clear vision on the shape of things to come.

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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