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  • Food & Beverages

    We get the details of your project.
    We understand your business so we can appeal to your target market.
    We establish a strong point of communication is established from the start.We outline the project & work on a planned
  • Iron and Steels

    We use color schemes that are most appreciated by your target market.
    We ask you to highlight the competition.
    All websites have a very professional look.
    We create mock-ups (test designs) & show them to you till 100% satisfaction is reached.
  • IT solutions

    Your vision comes to life in this phase.
    Content is placed, navigation bar is set, functionality is solidified.
    We use state of the art technology while developing your site.
    We place client's features into the site and make a fully secure site.
  • Real estate

    We begin preparation to make the site live.
    Experts begin testing to make sure website is ready to go.
    Launch date is announced by the client & us.
    Site goes live and client is asked to take a short survey about us.
  • Packaged drinking water

    Marketing experts find ways to generate more traffic/sales to your site.
    Option 1: We market your company through the search engine.
    Option 2: We market your company website through the social media networks.
  • Industries & Agro Research

    We move with technology, we update your website as required by you.
    Have new goals? No worries, we'll update your website to follow you & your company's goals.
    We also provide support to our client’s around the clock.

Company profile

Progress Group was incorporated in 2009, and went on to establish itself by patiently building upon experience and expertise. The juice plant factory at Hooghly was our first step in establishing the manufacturer credential and credibility of progress Group. The great leap forward came in the same year, with the commissioning of FMCG Plant (Food Products) at, Kolkata. A major technological breakthrough came just an year later in 2010, with the establishment of packaged drinking Water plant at, Hooghly. All these plants proudly present a range of manufacturing equipment, to bring efficiency and productivity to entire process, maintaining the highest international standards. The group started with a modest capital of 1.5 crores and the turnover at the end of three year stand at a staggering 125cr. Crores, which gives a clear vision on the shape of things to come.

Our Services

  • FMCG products
  • RTS brevarages
  • Drinking water
  • Real estate
  • Iron and steels
  • IT solutions
  • Polymers and Chemicals
  • Cement
  • Jewellery
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Hotels and Resorts


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